Do I need Facebook for my business? It depends.

Seems that everybody is on Facebook today. Both businesses and individual feel a little bit of peer pressure to be on social media all the time. It’s easy to think, “If everyone’s doing it so should I?” If you went for a quick spin on the internet you might notice that currently a lot of […]


I’m not a writer. Do I need a blog for my biz?

Writing isn’t everyone’s thing. Some of us don’t have time to sit down and write. Others of us who are busy just doing life couldn’t be bothered to find the time to write. If you dislike writing and loathe the idea of putting aside even an half hour to write you’re not alone. In fact, some […]


Planning ahead: What’s a social media calendar?

Nothing happens in business without a little bit of planning. Inventory, billing, payroll, filing taxes, and more all require planning. And, when it comes to planning your social media is no different. A simple tool that many pros use for planning  social media is called the social media calendar. A social media calendar can be as […]