Do I need Facebook for my business? It depends.

October 4, 2015 • By

Seems that everybody is on Facebook today. Both businesses and individual feel a little bit of peer pressure to be on social media all the time. It’s easy to think, “If everyone’s doing it so should I?”

If you went for a quick spin on the internet you might notice that currently a lot of businesses don’t have a Facebook page. Moreover, a lot os small and medium-sized business do, but don’t do much with it.

With that in mind: here’s our take — Probably one of the worst things for your business is to have a social media account an not use it. This is especially important for small businesses to recognize. Whether you are the local realtor, a delicatessen, or a retail shop in your market the worst thing you can do is ignore it and let cobwebs grow.

For example, if your last post was six months ago, chances are some of your potential customers will think you are no longer in business. Moreover, if you don’t post regularly on you FB timeline, your firm’s LinkedIn profile or on your Twitter account, these social media tools lose there effectiveness.

One of the great things about Facebook is that it is a tool that is both visual and content-rich. Some of the best social brands in the world –brands such as Shake Shack, Urban Outfitters and Oreo — use social media to build their brand by regularly interacting with people.

What we in social media like to call engagement is the constant and effort of a company or person on social media to post messages, pictures, video and written content consistently in a way that not only gets noticed, but compels others to respond. Better yet, Facebook provides an excellent platform from which your company can announce new products and services, sales, the acquisition of new employees and other news about you in a meaningful yet social way.

Surely, if your business is suited for Facebook their are many out there (like us!) who can do both the creative messaging and the grunt work for you.

But if FB just ain’t your bag, there are other ways to engage your audience with social media. Want just a little advice of a free consultation? Let’s talk.